Environmentally Sound
Solutions for Excess Water Issues

Is your property suffering from an excess of water? A good drainage system allows water to flow freely and prevents the accumulation of water, which can cause flooding or can stagnate and create a breading haven for mosquitoes. Samson Septic & Excavating will be happy to assess your residential or commercial drainage problem and recommend a solution.

Generally, remedies to alleviate water accumulation and drainage issues involve grading to redirect water flow, and digging trenches and installing perforated pipe. We might install curtain drains, French drains, dry wells, swales, detention basins and/or other interventions to divert excess water from a problem spot to other areas where it can be absorbed slowly.

With larger, commercial entities – and with some larger dwellings – the solution is more likely to entail excavating to create detention or retention ponds, or collecting roof water and/or runoff water to be put into a dry well or a wet well.

At Samson Septic & Excavating, we understand the provisions of the New Jersey Highlands Act with respect to drainage issues and solutions for protecting and retaining water, and will advise you accordingly.

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