excavating services

Equipment and Operators to Move Your Earth – and Minimize Mess

Excavating usually involves bringing in heavy equipment, digging a hole for some purpose and then hauling away the excess dirt, rocks and debris. And it’s usually messy. At Samson Septic & Excavating, we make every effort to minimize the mess and return your property to its original condition – or better.

We have the equipment and skilled operators to handle all of your excavating needs for:

  • Roads and driveways
  • Foundations and backfilling
  • Land management (including grading and drainage)
  • Land clearing
  • Site preparation for residential and commercial construction
  • Underground utilities (water, sewer, electric, phone, cable)
  • Lawn installation
  • Septic systems
  • And we’re fully licensed and insured.

If you need a new driveway, we will not only excavate; we can also remove the old driveway, haul away the debris, and install the new one.

Tree and Stump Removal

We also take down trees and remove stumps. Note: If you need us to remove trees, please do not cut the trees first. It is far more efficient to let the excavator take standing trees down because he can put them right where you want them. This speeds the process for stump removal, and the excavator then can haul away the stumps.


Samson Septic & Excavating also will handle all of your demolition needs for tearing down houses, barns and small outbuildings and removing the debris.

If you need to demolish a brick house, the process is a little different – we separate the materials (e.g., roofing, wood, drywall, bricks, concrete, asphalt) and haul them away.


We don’t just dig holes; we also fill them. If you need fill dirt – or top soil for a lawn or some other purpose – we can get that for you, too. We also haul gravel.

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