risers & lids

Install Risers for Easier Septic Tank Access

States have rules and standards for the proper location, design, construction, installation, alteration, operation and maintenance of septic systems to protect public health and safety and the environment – which includes potable water supplies, fish, aquatic life and ecological values.

A relatively recent code addition in New Jersey and in some Pennsylvania counties calls for septic access covers to be at grade (ground level) for easy access. It’s an upgrade that ultimately saves you time and money. With your access point(s) right on the surface of the ground, your septic tank pumping company doesn’t have to find and then dig down to reach your tank’s chambers for cleanout.

If you’re contemplating selling your New Jersey home, it’s wise to add a riser to your septic tank in advance – even before listing the property – because it is a requirement for the sale to go through. Samson Septic & Excavating will install a riser for access to each chamber. The riser is basically a large pipe, about 2 feet in diameter, made of concrete or plastic, that extends the access opening from the tank up to the surface of the ground. Then, as a further code requirement, we top the pipe extension with a locking lid.

Samson Septic & Excavating handles septic system inspections, repairs and updates to bring existing systems up to current code.

If you would like to discuss an inspection to determine what needs to be done to update your system, contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you.