Septic System Installation

From Gravity-Flow to Advanced Designs,
Samson Solves Your Septic System Problems

Samson Septic & Excavating is expert at installing and maintaining systems that range from a simple, gravity-flow design to the most sophisticated advanced treatment system for challenging terrain.

At every step in the process of installing a septic system, we make a point of protecting the interests of the property owner. Let’s face it – digging up the ground makes a mess. But we take great care in digging that hole so we don’t go beyond the scope of what we’re there to do.

When Samson Septic & Excavating installs a septic tank and create an absorption area, we pride ourselves on clean entry, well-planned construction, and complete remediation to return the property to its prior condition. It’s not unusual for us to go above and beyond to work with homeowners if they want to change their landscape architecture or grading.

In a recent example, we installed a new septic system on a property where there was an oddly placed side yard retaining wall that the homeowner had never liked. The retaining wall even prevented the homeowner from getting a lawnmower to the lower section. We quickly realized it would be beneficial to both of us to remove the wall and regrade the land for better access. So, we removed the retaining wall, replaced the septic system, and then regraded the property with a gentler slope. The change facilitated our work, and the homeowner was quite pleased with the result. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with a new septic system. Consultations and estimates are always free.

Advanced treatment systems

Samson Septic & Excavating is also experienced and adept at dealing with other challenges – a protected wetlands or environmentally fragile area, for instance, or a yard that’s too small for a drain field – where an alternative to a traditional septic system is needed.

The solution is an advanced treatment system – a more complex undertaking that requires a strategic approach; on one such job recently, we spent a half-day or more just in planning how best to tackle the project.

Advanced treatment systems are a little more expensive to install than traditional septic systems, but they are also more energy-efficient and are designed to reduce accumulated solid waste more quickly. They are a terrific solution for small areas that will not accommodate an excavated drain field.

Central to an advanced treatment system is an Aerobic Treatment Unit, or ATU. Just as a conventional septic system uses natural processes to properly treat waste materials, ATU systems pump oxygen into the ATU tank to naturally treat the wastewater and solids. The added oxygen breaks down sewage material, reduces bacteria and transforms nutrients.

ATU systems are easy to maintain and are relatively affordable, considering the value they deliver. Regulations are changing to allow these systems for land areas that do not qualify for traditional septic systems, and more and more homeowners are opting to use ATU systems as an alternative.

At Samson Septic & Excavating we are experienced and trained in commercial/industrial lift stations, as well as in advanced treatment systems from Ecoflo, Hoot Systems, Infiltrator Water Technologies, Norweco, Puraflo (peat fiber biofilter systems), and Roth MultiTank. Contact us to learn more.

One call from you and we do the rest

When you call Samson Septic & Excavating, the first thing we need to know is what your issue is. Are you building new construction and need a system installed? Are you selling your home and the septic is bad and needs to be replaced? Once we understand your needs, we go to work; if you need a new septic system, we collaborate with a licensed civil engineer to design it.

Our next step is contacting One Call to determine where we can dig safely, and then we dig a hole. The engineer analyzes the soil and draws a plan for Health Department review and approval. Next we pull the necessary permits and check on local soil erosion/stabilization and conservation requirements.

Then our expert equipment operators and technicians begin installation. We excavate, get it inspected; select the fill, get it inspected; complete the installation, get it inspected; regrade the area and, sometimes, get one last inspection for the grading and soil stabilization.

If you’re contemplating a new or replacement septic installation, contact us to discuss your plans and get a free quote.